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He has a law degree from De La Salle Bajío University with a specialty in Notarial Law and a master’s degree in Notarial and Registry Law. In addition, he has several refresher courses by the Mexican Magazine of Fiscal Strategies, Fiscal Defense, as well as different associations of accountants and tax specialists.

ALPAR is a firm specialized in tax and administrative defense with more than 7 years of experience, updating and growth in the Bajío region. Its main objective is to represent individuals and companies related to the corporate field, defending the matters of its clients as its own, under the principles of honesty, professionalism and success.

Legal certainty

Being a law firm with experience, updating and commitment, they provide greater peace of mind to shareholders in the face of legal conflicts, avoiding putting the equity and integrity of the shareholder or company at risk.

innovative strategies

At ALPAR, with strategies based on specialized knowledge, they organize the legal framework of companies or businesses so that they have better tools to help them face their legal conflicts with greater security and certainty of success.


At ALPAR they transmit certainty, tranquility and security to clients in their legal conflicts, through the knowledge and studies acquired during their career and experience.


Become a trusted law firm, always updated on new issues without forgetting the humane treatment of its clients.


Dedication, constant study, honesty, trust, security, respect and assertiveness.

specialty areas 

  • Tax Law
  • Administrative law


  • Tax Advice and Defense
    Training and implementation of action protocols before notification of documents, such as inspection audits, as well as advising and advising on the treatment of these jurisdictional actions.
  • Advice and Administrative Defense
    Advice, technical support and litigation representation within the available jurisdictional procedures.
  • Acts of authority of fiscal and administrative agencies
    Among these are SAT, IMSS, INFONAVIT, PROFECO, SATEG, Finance, Urban Development, Urban Verification, SAPAL, Transit, Public Works, IMPI, National Guard, to name a few.

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