Quetzalcoatl Institute

Quetzalcoatl Institute

Bachelor of Normal Preschool from the Instituto América, later studied Basic Education and Educational Management at the National Pedagogical University. She has more than 30 years of experience in the educational sector and more than 25 years at the head of this institution.

After so long of seeing each other virtually, we are very pleased to have you again at the institute’s facilities and to have the opportunity to collaborate in the education and development of your children. The present offers us the challenge of enriching the educational experience of students, adding greater value to the hours they will spend at school, with greater dynamism and designing various learning experiences. Committed to education, we have made an effort to make back to school a pleasant educational experience

IQ has more than 25 years of experience in the City of León, Guanajuato. Its mission is to develop upright and bilingual students who develop relevant skills for today’s world, in addition to training people who build a better world for all, based on 3 main values: responsibility, respect and discipline.

Educational levels

  • Maternal
  • Preschool
  • Primary
  • High school
  • Preparatory

Adaptation to change

Our back-to-school model is called “IQ FlexMinds” which is divided into:

Face-to- face modality: for high school, preschool and 1st grade, considering the importance of consolidating the bases of socialization and reading and writing.

Hybrid modality: for students from 2nd year of primary school to 3rd year of secondary school, attendance at the institute alternates and the rest of the days classes are taken online.

100% virtual modality (optional): for students who chose to take classes from home. In 3rd grade of kindergarten and 1st grade of primary there is an exclusive group of virtual students. From 3rd grade of primary school to 3rd grade of secondary school, students connect synchronously with students in face-to-face mode.

Safe back to school

They have a protocol for students to have a safe return to classrooms. As sanitary measures, all attendees are asked to use mandatory face masks, as well as hand disinfection every certain time and a health filter for entering the institute with temperature verification.

The facilities were adapted to reduce the on-site capacity in the classrooms, having a separation between students of 1.5 meters, in the same way CO 2 meters and air filters were implemented to measure the quality of the air in the classrooms. The cafeteria area was renovated and other special classrooms were converted into traditional classrooms, since they had more ventilation and space for the students.

Currently, the institute has an agreement with the ALGenós Laboratory so that members of the educational community and their families can access reliable antigen and PCR tests at a preferential cost.

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