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NRHP Architects

With the aim of satisfying the needs of a market that grows day by day, NRHP Arquitectos was born in 2009 specializing in residential projects and public works, achieving nominations for important awards, as well as being accredited by the American Institute of Architects AIA in 2016 to the date. During their career, they have collaborated on various projects for clients such as Mario Carrillo, Pablo Montero, ADO, Sesma Sesma & McNeese, SEP, CDMX Government, Conciliation and Arbitration Board, among others.

Architect Norman Ricardo Hernández Pineda

An architect from La Salle University since 2004, Norman joins FCA where he develops The City Santa Fe and the Island of Acapulco. Some time later he decides to live in León for a couple of years designing residences and ranches; In 2007 he returns to Mexico City collaborating with offices such as Barroso Arquitectos and Sama Arquitectos. During that period he was creating several developments of great relevance until he decided to become independent and began doing residential in CDMX, Monterrey, Puerto Aventuras and Cancun.

passion for architecture

Since he was a child, Norman had artistic influences that allowed him to have a special taste not only for art, but also for architecture, since at an early age he showed an interest in how cities are planned, designed and cared for, which is how he approaches workshops that bring you closer to this exciting world.

architectural style

At NRHP Architects they adapt to the project they develop, since each one has their own needs and objectives, so it is the process itself that defines the style that will create atmospheres designed for their function.

details that inspire

Working together with the client is one of the main objectives of NRHP Arquitectos, since the most important thing is to know the client, to know their needs and budget, starting from the function before solving the aesthetics for each development.

We minimize shipping costs

looking for a higher volume



Architectural concept of great importance for NRHP Arquitectos, since thanks to the collaboration carried out, as well as the results, larger-scale projects could be entrusted to it.


Project assigned through a contest that, although at the beginning it was only the development of a residence, the clients were so satisfied that they carried out 5 more residences, starting their work independently.


The rescue of an abandoned work on Platón and Masaryk streets, one of the most important avenues in the country, was carried out, which lacked plans or architectural project, for which this development is entrusted to it.

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