My Scull Maternal & Pre-Kindergarten

My Scull Maternal & Pre-Kindergarten

With a degree in Educational Sciences from the University of Monterrey (UdeM), as a student she began her internship in a kindergarten in Monterrey and once she graduated, she returned to León, where she worked at Bambolino. Ten years ago, she decided to undertake her own educational project through My Scull, convinced that León needed a place where she could be educated with love and a system that would change the way of seeing initial education.

Educating with love implies giving full importance to the socio-emotional development of the child and the family. This pandemic restricted us a lot, but paying attention to the emotional, we managed to let our families know about Covid-19 only outside our facilities. I want to thank all the families who entrust us with their most precious treasures. We are infinitely fortunate to be able to be working daily in our facilities and with care and prevention measures to be able to play and learn all together ”

It was in October 2010 when planning began to educate with love and train children in their early years with life tools, not just academics, thus giving a sense of belonging to each child who was part of the My Scull community. The first school year began in August 2011, marking 10 years of leaving a mark and forming part of each of the students’ families, creating the great My Scull family.

Educational levels

Pre-maternal, Maternal and Kindergarten.

Adaptation to change

Due to the age of the children, it is vital to have face-to-face classes, so the work modality is 100% face-to-face. And it is that socialization in the early years is very important; learn, play, coexist and imitate

is learned among children.

Safe back to school

For a year now, they have been working face-to-face, taking care of every detail through the “I take care of myself to take care of you” program, where the entire My Scull family is aware that if everyone is prudent and takes care of themselves, they can take care of everyone. .

For this reason, the health status of children is monitored, constantly washing their hands and disinfecting materials, in addition to the fact that the use of face masks is mandatory.

 The house, adapted for the school, has lighted and ventilated areas, factors that have worked in its favor so that the risks of contagion are minimized. Likewise, teachers and the families of the students are committed to teaching the little ones to take care of themselves.

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