Legal Corporate Lex Directum

Legal Corporate Lex Directum

Lic. José de Jesús González Gutiérrez and Lic. Lilia Elizabeth Collazo Zúñiga

Mr. José de Jesús González has a specialty in Notary Public with a master’s degree in Human Rights and a specialty as secretary of the Judicial Power of the Federation. On the other hand, Lilia Elizabeth Collazo has a master’s degree in Taxation, with a specialty in Administrative Justice and a certification in Compliance Officer.

Directum Lex Abogados is an innovative firm in litigation strategies, prevention and correction of legal matters. Its founding partners have more than 20 years of experience as litigators and professors at some state universities. In addition, they are experts in oral trials, accusatory criminal proceedings, amparo, human rights, electoral, tax reforms and seminars on Administrative Law.

Legal certainty

Clients who come to the office are assured that they will be provided with an ethical, specialized and responsible service. We will always seek to obtain a specific solution for each particular case, guaranteeing professionalism to achieve favorable results.

innovative strategies

At Directum Lex they are aware that each of the members of the work team are constantly updated through the study and training of legislative reforms, in order to provide a better service to their clients.

Our team

  • Lic. Lilia Elizabeth Collazo Zúñiga | Master in Tax and Specialist and Compliance Officer
  • José de Jesús González Gutiérrez | Master in Human Rights and Specialist in Notarial Law

specialty areas 

  • Tax Law
  • Administrative law
  • Civil law
  • Commercial Law
  • Criminal law
  • Protection
  • Familiar


  • Attention, advice and development of legal strategies for companies
  • Preparation of legal prevention strategies in tax matters
  • Courses and training
  • Regulatory compliance training
  • Preparation of Compliance in companies
  • Legal advice and prevention in family matters
  • Legal advice and prevention in commercial matters
  • Legal advice on corporate and real estate matters
  • Preparation of protections

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