Law Firm Lopez de Anda SC

Law Firm Lopez de Anda SC

Its director and founding partner, Mr. Y MDC. Juan Gabriel López de Anda, has 29 years of experience in the legal field. Master in Civil Law, Corporate Law and Notarial and Registry Law with 29 years of experience. Specialty in Oral Trials in the city of San Diego, California by the University of San Diego School of Law. He graduated from De La Salle Bajío University (formerly UBAC).


Firma Legal López de Anda SC was founded on November 11, 2011 as a legal firm of lawyers offering a comprehensive solution to the problems of its clients. Throughout that time, important companies from the city, as well as national and international ones, have joined their ranks, always giving the best results to their sponsors. The constant updating of the partners of Firma Legal López de Anda SC is what has allowed them to continue in the field of legal advice.


Lic. Federico López Rodríguez ( Master in Amparo,  Diploma in Human Rights, 21 years of experience)

Lic. Gabriel Alejandro López González ( Commercial Law,  Specialty in Administrative Law)

Lic. Juan Ramón López González ( Family Law,  Specialty in Notarial and Registry Law)

specialty areas

  • Civil Law: inheritance, contracts, rectifications of civil status records, contracts, all types of litigation in civil matters.
  • Family Law: divorces, alimony, compensation, adoptions, parental authority, guardianship and custody of minors.
  • Commercial Law: judicial and extra-judicial collection, commercial oral trials, commercial executives, all types of litigation of a commercial nature. Investigations of credit applications before a possible granting of credits.
  • Amparo: preparation of amparo trials for the protection of Human Rights, studying, preparing and processing amparo claims before the federal courts, for human rights violations committed by authorities of any kind.
  • Corporate Law: legal advice on the preparation of commercial contracts, employment contracts, dismissals, trademark registrations and the constitution of Commercial and/or Civil companies.
  • Administrative Law: presentation of complaints and defense before PROFECO. Processing for the registration of adhesion contracts, procedures before any government agency. Nullity claims against resolutions issued by municipal and state administrative authorities. Advice against acts issued by federal, state and municipal authorities. Translations certified by a specialized and certified expert from the English-Spanish language as well as from Spanish-English.
  • Notary Law: link and advice with most of the notaries that are in the city of León, Guanajuato and the surrounding municipalities.

years always accompanying the client to make notarial procedures faster and more understandable. Risk opinions in the granting of loans with mortgage guarantee, guarantee reviews.

For López de Anda Legal Firm there is no small matter, we will always look after the interests of our clients responsibly”.

differentiating factor

To be one of the largest legal firms in the municipality of León, with multiple resources that allow them to provide faster services than other firms, shortening the time of matters by 40% or 50%.


López de Anda Legal Firm has state-of-the-art technology that allows them to review in real time the files throughout the state of Guanajuato and the country. They do not need to go to the courts of other states or municipalities to find out about the progress of the matter that is taking place in other cities.

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