IT Innovation School Campus León

IT Innovation School Campus León

Education professional with more than 40 years of experience in the academic and managerial area. Coach certified by the International Coaching Community, Master Lead Trainer by TOC for Education Inc., speaker and trainer in Mexico, the United States, South America, Europe and Asia. She has obtained various distinctions and is invited to radio and television programs in several cities in Mexico.

Schools are recovering our place in the lives of children and young people, as the best space in which they can develop in an integral way, especially in the socio-emotional area. It is more important than ever to promote all health measures that allow schools to continue operating in person. Come and meet the IT, you will love it!”

The campus in León is the youngest in an important and prestigious educational network with a national presence, the Tepeyac Institute. The first campus (Cuautitlán), was opened 40 years ago and currently, they have 10 campuses nationwide.

Educational levels

  • Maternal
  • Kindergarten
  • primary
  • High school
  • Preparatory

Adaptation to change

Adapting to this new normality, the modalities offered with face-to-face and remote, at the parents’ choice. Thus, they have state-of-the-art smart screens, a computer for the teacher in each classroom, speakers, microphones and web cameras, as well as

as various educational platforms such as Google Classroom, Mozaik, Cambridge Ed., Savia, Infinity, Tekman, among others.

comprehensive curriculum

With the aim of offering a comprehensive education, at IT Innovation School they have sports clinics (soccer, basketball, swimming, taekwondo, volleyball, among others) and artistic clinics (music, theater, dance and plastic arts), some of which are included in the cost of tuition.

Students take the swimming clinic as a compulsory subject until 4th grade, which guarantees the psychomotor development of your children and the peace of mind that they will not only learn to swim, but will also participate in competitions and inter-school tournaments with the other campuses in the network. .

Constructivism based on guided inquiry is the educational methodology and innovation is a fundamental part, which is why there are virtual reality, robotics and computing classes, even participating in national tournaments.

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