Hispanic English Institute

Hispanic English Institute

She worked as a teacher at the ITESM Campus León and in other prestigious educational institutions, she was also responsible for the laboratory at the Pilsac gelatin factory, and owner of the Salud yogurt factory. She collaborated in the training of teachers as family counselors in various cities in the state of Guanajuato and in 1991 began her own educational project, the Hispanic English Institute, in which this year she celebrates 30 years as general director.

Parents, this return to the classroom is quite a challenge. Today more than ever it is of vital importance that we team up with family and school, highlighting two aspects:

1. Depending on the respect we have for health protocols, both at school and at home, the success of staying in person will be.

2. We must practice both parties the virtue of flexibility so necessary to adapt to changes.

In 1991 it started operations, being the bilingual system its main characteristic. In 2004 the construction of the boat-shaped Preschool began and the Kids Aboard educational model was developed. During the following years, the institute obtains the ISO 9001 quality certification, the subjects of French, Entrepreneurship and Finance, as well as Robotics, are implemented. In 2011 the franchise model was developed under the Kids Aboard Preschool brand and in 2014 Kids Aboard Editorial was created. In 2017, Prepa Hills was opened with a Talent Accelerator model.

Educational levels

  • Pre-Maternal and Maternal.
  • Preschool.
  • Primary.
  • High school
  • Preparatory.

Adaptation to change

The Hybrid Model (Blended Learning) was developed that goes according to the educational stage of the students, that is, the younger the more face-to-face education. Preschool is 100% face-to-face (5 days), Primary and Secondary with 80% face-to-face (4 days) and 20% distance (1 day) and High School 60% face-to-face (3 days) and 40% distance (2 days). All this with the support of technological tools and platforms.

Safe back to school

A Safety and Hygiene Protocol was carried out that earned them the “Guanajuato Sano” recognition by the Ministry of Tourism and approved by the Secretary of Education of Guanajuato, which includes: entry and exit filters, reduced capacity and staggered schedules, healthy distance, use of face masks, antibacterial gel, sanitization and disinfection of spaces, to name a few.

In addition, classrooms were assigned depending on the enrollment of each group, signage was placed throughout the school, infographics, an isolation area, and roles were established for the use of common areas during breaks.

The health of the student community is a priority of the institute, so the training and communication of collaborators, students and families have been key to a safe return to school.

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