High School Anahuac Leon

High School Anahuac Leon

With more than 20 years of experience working for the Semper Altius network of schools, he has been director of the Instituto Cumbres Quintana Roo, Instituto Cumbres Mérida, High School Anáhuac Mérida and now serves as director of the Instituto Cumbres León and High School Anáhuac León.

The Anáhuac High School Network is committed to the well-being of each one of the members of our educational community. Today, the 17 High School Anáhuac campuses have returned to face-to-face activities through a safe return plan that guarantees three priorities: caring for the physical and emotional well-being of our educational community, operating safely within the high school facilities, and providing a service educational excellence”

The Red Prepa Anáhuac currently has 17 campuses and is part of two of the most important private educational systems in Mexico with more than 60 years of experience: the Red de Universidades Anáhuac with 9 higher education institutions in Mexico and the Red de Colegios Semper Altius with 65 schools from preschool to high school. In August 2022, campus number 18 will open its doors: Prepa Anáhuac León.

Educational levels


Adaptation to change

Prepa Anáhuac’s safe return plan is the set of activities

academic and training sessions organized by the institution so that the student attends alternate schedules, guaranteeing that the teaching-learning process is equitable. This return to classes has contributed to strengthening the teaching-learning process, improving the emotional state of the student, as well as continuing to develop social skills.

Safe return to school

Based on evidence from different international organizations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, protocols have been developed and implemented that aim to establish a series of measures to ensure an adequate return to the facilities and thus prevent, detect and control

any situation that is considered risky and reduce the chances of contagion within the institution to a minimum.

In addition, entry, exit and flow strategies have been implemented in each of the high schools, with the priority being the well-being of all the students that make up the Anahuac community. For this reason, all staff have been trained and measures will continue to be applied throughout this period in order to create a common front for the care of all.

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