Fiscal Office of Lic. Luis Noé Muñoz

Fiscal Office of Lic. Luis Noé Muñoz

Lawyer by profession, with a master’s degree in Tax Law and training within the Judicial Power of the Federation by accrediting the Training and Preparation of Secretaries course within the Institute of the Federal Judiciary of the SCJN. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Law at the Universidad Anáhuac.

He has training in the tax field, since he has had participation in the legal area of ​​various accounting and tax firms, in addition to complementing his training within the public sector by being part of the State Tax Attorney, having as his last position that of Assistant Tax Attorney. .


The firm has a short history within the state of Guanajuato and was born from the need to professionalize tax strategy and defense services, since this matter has been dominated and exercised by other professionals outside the law.


Perla Noemi Rodriguez Cardona

Specialist in Administrative Law and Common Law

specialty areas

  • Tax Law
  • Administrative law
  • Tax Constitutional Law


Federal, state and municipal taxes (ISR, VAT, IEPS, ISAN, Payroll, Cedular, Predial, Transfer of Domain, among others).

  • Tax advice and planning
  • Planning and tax defense for the determination of simulation of operations (EFOS and EDOS)
  • Planning and defense against acts issued due to the Anti-Money Laundering Law
  • Refund of taxes and other contributions

Administrative and control procedures

  • Advice and attention to control procedures (reviews, visits, opinion review, etc.) carried out by federal and state authorities (SAT, IMSS, SATEG, State Finance, Municipal Treasury, etc.).
  • Advice and attention to administrative procedures carried out by federal, state or municipal authorities (STPS, INFONAVIT, PROFECO, PROFEPA, Mobility, Urban Development, etc.).

Foreign trade

  • Advice on administrative procedures in customs matters (PAMA) and control procedures (reviews and visits).
  • Presentation of means of defense in customs matters (administrative appeals in customs matters, contentious administrative trials in customs matters and amparo).

Tax and administrative defense

  • Writings of administrative resources before authorities (federal, state and municipal).
  • Claims for annulment (Administrative Justice Courts of the federation and the States).
  • Protection claims against laws and against acts of authorities.
  • Means of defense in matters of social security and remuneration before the IMSS.

differentiating factor

The factor that differentiates the firm is its specialization, which allows its clients to have a guarantee that their matters are not attended to in an improvised manner, but with special knowledge of tax matters

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