Dr. Salvador Zermeño Méndez & Advisors

Dr. Salvador Zermeño Méndez & Advisors

Architecture and Restoration Consulting

A firm specializing in the restoration of architectural heritage, it has more than 30 years of experience, being a benchmark in the conservation of the architectural heritage of emblematic landmarks and the practice of architectural design at all scales.

Salvador Zermeno Mendez

Architect by the Ibero León, master in Restoration of historical sites and monuments, master in History and doctor in Visual Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, he is currently director of the restoration office Dr. Salvador Zermeño Méndez y Asesores and of the area of Services of the University of León.

He was president of the Cultural Institute of the city of León, advisor to the Historical Center Committee, technical advisor to the Guanajuato State Planning Institute (IPLANEG), president of the Research Teacher Certification Council, among others.

Passion for Architecture

It arises from developing in the midst of a family that enjoyed archaeology, fine arts, history, as well as visits to museums and architectural landmarks. All of this influenced his passion for creating architectural atmospheres.

Architectonic style

Each of the projects of Dr. Salvador Zermeño Méndez y Asociados is supported by the architecture of knowledge and existential humanistic orientation, overcoming modernity to achieve a poetic spatial atmosphere that projects a unique beauty.

Details that inspire

The argumentative support located within the framework of philosophy, art and science, makes it possible for interpretive hermeneutics to allow the resignification of tradition with the conceptual understanding of the signs of the cultural system and planetary life that achieves innovation in new paradigms. architectural.

“We offer a balance between quality, promptness and costs, under the premise of maximum efficiency in the development of complex projects”

Featured Projects.

Restoration of the Plaza de Gallos200-year-old cultural center, located in the city of León, with an Italian-style theater and a ring for opera, theater, dance, concerts and an urban circus.

Plaza Purisima Cultural Complex

It included the Virtual University of the State of Guanajuato, Museum of the People, Shopping Center and Main Theater of Purísima del Rincón for 570 spectators.

Hermenegildo Bustos Museum in Purisima del Rincon

This project houses the valuable collection of the Guanajuato painter and portraitist, in addition to exhibiting the masks of Judea.


2007First place for the Architectural Project by the Bar Association.

2008Prize for the Conservation of the Architectural Heritage of the state of Guanajuato for the investigation of the Barrio Arriba project.

Scholarship from the State Institute of Culture in Visual Arts.

2020Honorable mention in the 8th Contest of Works and Projects by the College of Architects of León.

2021First place in the 9th Works and Projects Contest in the category of Restoration by the College of Architects of León.

2022Honorable mention in the 8th Exhibition of Leonese Architecture in the Medium Housing category by the College of Architects of León.

Medal of honor at the 5th Regional Architecture Biennial Region 2 in the category of Restoration by the College of Architects
of León.

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