Headlines: Juan Antonio Guzmán Acosta and Celia Montserrat Hernández Vázquez

Brief professional history of the owner

Juan Antonio Guzman Acosta

Former president of the Association of Accountants of León, former president of IMEF Grupo Guanajuato and former president of the Coordinating Council of Associations of Professionals.

Celia Montserrat Hernandez Vazquez

Founding partner of the Bajío de Auren office, graduate of the Management Skills Program, member of AMEXME and teacher in different Institutions.

Brief history of the firm

Originating in Spain, Auren is a firm that has a presence in more than 30 countries and 12 offices in Mexico thanks to its high quality standards. It is part of the select group of firms worldwide accredited as a member of the Forum of Firms of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).


María Guadalupe Monreal Rodríguez // Specialist in Audit and Prevention of Money Laundering

Ernesto Manuel Barroso Ramírez // Specialist in Fiscal and Financial Planning and Government Accounting

Mayra Alejandra Sánchez Martínez // Extensive experience in Tax Refunds

Enrique Alejandro Morales Rincón // Specialist in Transfer Pricing and Business Consulting

Nathalia Mendoza Jaime // Specialist in process design, improvement and optimization



    • Prevention of Money Laundering
    • Financial statements
    • Social Securitytax returns

They assist organizations to generate better cash flow through their methodology.

Transfer Pricing

They help companies comply with existing regulations, from reviewing operations and preparing studies to dispute resolution.

Tax advice

They evaluate the different perspectives of the situation from the client’s point of view, as well as from the authority to give the best option, taking care of the client’s interests within the legal framework.

Process improvement

They know the importance of having an efficient and productive administration, which is why they support companies to improve through the structure and formalization of their processes.


They provide comprehensive support in transactions related to the sale of companies, as well as in mergers, acquisitions, company valuation and investment search.

Government Finance and Public Private Partnerships

They structure public-private association projects for the three levels of government and for private initiative companies. They carry out pre-investment and investment studies, executive projects, bidding bases and supervision of infrastructure projects

actuarial studies

They carry out actuarial studies to recognize labor liabilities

Why choose them?

They are a specialized team, with experience and training in different economic sectors and types of organizations; address problems from a multidisciplinary perspective supported by a work methodology that guarantees quality

innovative solutions

Auren is an innovative firm in the provision of new services, in the improvement of processes and in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. They know that the world is constantly changing and they adapt to its evolution.

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